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Welcome to Club Town! Club Town gives you a list of clubs that are free to join. If there is one group you want to join, but know nothing of it, don't worry. Discriptions are at the bottom of the name. It will also say the dates, and if the club is W.I.P (work in progress). If you want to join a club, and the club is SOMETHING you don't know, for example, some might not know Harry Potter, we do fun lessons about that club and you can learn from those. Have fun! Also, I'm up to any suggestions on clubs! You can E-Mail me. My G-Mail is (without the period). Currently ALL clubs are W.I.P, so nobody can join them yet :( sorry. Clubs:

Harry Potter Club

All the Harry Potter fans out there are going crazy. Not just me, but ALSO my BFF might help me. She likes Harry Potter too. This club is W.I.P.

Pokemon Club

Like Pokemon? Then rush with me! We talk about Pokemon, read handbooks, DRAW Pokemon, and play the Pokemon games! Note: If you DO NOT have something to play Pokemon on, we will have to SHARE my DS. I have Pokemon White and Black, and I wouldn't mind making a new save. This club is W.I.P.

Horrible Pun and Jokes Club

Pratical Joker of the family? Best club for you! This is good, because in my family, I'M the pratical one! Learn new jokes/puns, TEACH jokes/puns, and have fun! We might even practice pranking >:D This club is W.I.P.

Song Club

Sing songs, look at lyrics for songs and even MAKE songs! If you like sining this is the club for you. The club's main songs include: Katy Perry Dark Horse, Katy Perry Teenage Dream, Katy Perry Last Friday Night, P!nk Blow Me One Last Kiss, P!nk So What, P!nk Funhouse, Miley Cyrus Party In The U.S.A, and Imagine Dragons Radioactive. Yeah, this club will be popular... WITH ALL THESE MAIN SONGS :D

Hope you have fun browsing! Clubs will be added later. SO STAY TUNE FOLKS!!!! :D

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